How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life?

How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life?

In this essay the impact of social media on peoples professional and work lives as well as how large companies use social media as a tool will be analysed. These points will be examined and explained throughout this essay.

Peoples lives are often directly effected by social media. A survey of 5,000 people showed that half of those who use social media every day said that digital media had improved their life both professionally and socially. The survey found that the most positive impact from social media was found to be in their work sphere. This was due to the fact that social media allowed people to carry out work, collaborate with colleagues and also helped to build relationships within the workplace showing that social media impacts peoples every day work lives in a positive way.

It was also shown to make education within the workplace easier as it created personal networks especially within sites such as linked in. According to the survey people reported that the least positive effects from social media were in their personal lives. one in ten reported negative effects relating to memory, attention, finding a partner, stress and health suggesting that social media may have the biggest impact on people every day working lives.

Large companies also use social in a lot of different ways to expand their business or product. Firstly, companies often pay social media companies to place advertisements for them among peoples social media feeds. This has been proven to be very effective for these companies as many more people are seeing these adverts as people spend a lot more time on social media throughout their day. Research has shown that many social media users trust advertisements that they see on social media apps more and have more positive attitudes towards companies that chose to advertise on these types of sites showing how social media has changed the way that certain companies advertise themselves and their products and how people see these differently compared to other forms of advertising.

Companies also often create their own social media accounts which allow customers to easily interact with the brand and keep updated with the company itself. Sites such as Tesco and Boohoo take complaints from some social media platforms such as twitter and this use of social media acts as an easy way for customers and companies to interact with each other making the customer experience a lot better, quicker and easier. Most social media sites are free so this is an easy and cheap way for companies to achieve better customer service and an easy way to interact with their customers.

Some companies have also been known to create and join in with certain internet memes, this generates talk around the company and is essentially a new, free way of advertising. This also shows that the company is relevant and many social media users find the company to be more human if they join in with memes online.

One company that uses social media well is Primark. Primark are a clothing brand based in the UK and around Europe and have recently opened up stores in the US. Primark have their own website which shows products and also posts outfit pictures that customers have put on social media wearing the companies clothing. They also have their own twitter, Instagram and Facebook where they post outfit and make up ideas as well as re posting customers own photos of their products which is a great way of interacting with their audience and essentially is free advertising as users are encouraged to tag Primark and use hashtags in their posts. The company do not have a YouTube channel, however there are many ‘Primark haul’ videos on the site which again is a new form of advertising as the people making the videos are just showing the things they bought from the shop and showing it to the audience which is again, free advertising. These types of videos generate a huge audience as customers like to see the kinds of things the brand is selling at the time.

Primark are very active on their Instagram account and often post inspiration photos using products from their own ranges, and re posting customers pictures. They also make use of the Instagram stories feature on the app and have ‘blogger take overs’. This is where well known bloggers talk about their favourite Primark products and also show followers new in items encouraging people to go out and look in primark for the products they are promoting.

Social media is an easy way for companies such as Primark to join in and interact with customers as well as it being a new form of advertising for them. This case study shows how social media effects the way in which companies and brand interact with an audience on an every day basis.

Social media is so impactful it is also possible to create whole careers online and on social media platforms (The next part of the essay is on YouTube)

News is also shared and spread differently now a days due to social media. News is arguably spread more effectively as news companies have their own apps and pages on phones. These give you the option to send notifications to your phone (such as ‘Sky Sports’) when there is breaking news allowing users to keep up to date and receive news straight away. Social media sites such as twitter have ‘highlights’ which show the most popular tweets relating to a trending topic making it easier for users to catch up and stay up to date on news. News companies also have their own accounts on social media platforms to keep followers updated an informed. This often is proven as a more effective way to spread news as users see these updates whilst scrolling through their feeds and keep up to date with news without seeking it. Two-thirds (64%) of U.S adults use the site ‘Facebook’ and half of those have said that they gather their news from the site. This correlates to 30% of the U.S population receiving their news off of one social media platform showing the radical changes that social media has made to the way we receive and consume news.

Users on social media platforms also share stories, images and videos on their accounts which they then discuss with other users and friends making it easier for the public to interact with news companies and discuss the stories amongst themselves. People have also been known to upload their own footage of news events onto social media. For example during the London riots (2011) many people uploaded videos and photos onto social media and this footage was often taken by bigger news companies and used during reports and stories showing the power of social media and the effect of it on our everyday lives.

In conclusion social media has had a huge impact on peoples every day professional life and also has changed the ways companies and brands interact with their customers.




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Hard work pays off.. #VFL18

I haven’t updated the blog for a while as all we have been doing is editing and posting the rest of our alphabet.

We finally made it to A! And with our last post we reached 89 followers!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.23.22 pm

Its such a good feeling to look at the final project and I’m so happy with how it turns out. It looks professional and has lots of information for an Instagram page. We did originally plan to have a twitter page set up as well but I’m glad that that didn’t work out as we put a lot more work into the Instagram page which made it a lot better! Using Instagram was also a great idea as our project was image based and Instagram acts as a great platform for this kind of project.

Even though the alphabet has come to an end there is room to expand to other cities or maybe even having something like ‘letter of the week’ on our current A-Z of Leicester page. Overall I believe the project has been a huge success as we have gained many followers without following many pages ourselves. We were thinking of carrying on with the project and maybe continuing with a ‘A-Z food of Leicetser’ and try out some new places in the process.

Hopefully others appreciate the work that went into this project and are as impressed with it as we are. So if you’re not already following the page, do go and give it a follow and a read of the posts!


WE UPLOADED OUR FIRST FEW POSTS! After hours and hours of cropping and editing all our photos we were able to post the first few letters of the alphabet.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.49.20 pm

We posted all the way up to V which has made me very excited to finish the project finally! We have also received a few comments and many people have liked the posts. We have also received a few follows from people that we have tagged in the posts or places that we have linked using the map feature on Instagram.

Many people have commented about the upcoming posts which is a good sign as it means that we are engaging with people which was our aim for the project. We are now up to 60 followers!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.04.26 pm

Editing away.. #VLF18

We’ve had another few meetings about the progress of the page and I think its going well! We’ve added a few more promo shots to the Instagram stories which is great as its keeping our current followers interested in what is coming up during the project.
We’ve taken most of the photos that we need to complete our A-Z but will need a few more before we have all the photos that we need. After the second day of solid photo taking we have realised we may have to retake some and also shuffle a few of our words around to make room for others.

We’ve started the hashtag #azleicester which we intend to use on every post linking all the single posts together and making followers of the page be able to interact with us more. After the promo posts we have gained quite a few followers and now have 40 followers while only following 5 accounts which shows that this kind of account is interesting to a lot of people.

During the photography days we filmed a vlog so people could see what we were getting up to. You can watch the vlog here! 

We’ve also edited a lot of the main posts meaning we are almost ready to start posting our A-Z which is very exciting!!!

Getting started #VFL18

Today we met up and organised the rest of the photos that we need to take and when we are all free to take them. Some letters are proving more difficult than others to find something for but we’re slowly figuring out what the final project will look like.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.21.17 pm

For inspiration we looked at websites such as ‘visit Leicester’ and ‘Trip advisor’ as well as taking inspiration from our own outings in Leicester as well as our friends experiences.

We decided to go around and take most of the pictures across two days so that the project moved smoother and we could get on with editing them as soon as possible as this is what would take up most of our time. While we were taking photos we would also get together some content to use as promo and use the ‘Instagram stories’ feature to help us promote the project and keep followers interested while we gathered photos and edited them for the main project page.

So far I’m feeling good about the project as we are on track and excited to get the project done!


Finding a cause #VFL18

Last week we had a meeting about what we were going to create for our contribution to the ‘View from Leicester‘ project. We took notes on the meeting and made brain storms for our different ideas for the project.

We had several ideas that were inspired by the ‘Humans of New York‘ project and the ‘CHEER UP LUV‘ photography project. We decided to take photos around Leicester following a similar style to these projects. However, we felt that these ideas were too vague and wanted a clearer idea of what we wanted to do. So we brainstormed some more and settled on the idea of ‘A-Z of Leicester’ which would be an Instagram and Twitter project based on places of interest around Leicester.

Originally we were going to include landmarks and the people of Leicester but after writing down our ideas for each letter we realised we had more ideas on landmarks and places rather than anything else.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.26.19 pm

We still have another meeting to go before we start collecting the photos we wish to use. We also have plans for editing and uploading which just needs to be finalised before we do them.


So far we have created our first post on the Instagram feed which includes the logo that we created in our first meeting. This will be used as promo for the project and to generate an audience and get people interested as well as getting more people involved.


My GIFt to you! #VFL18


I decided to create my GIF using the same video that I used my mash up video and screen grab for. (These children are safe)

There were many clips of the film that I thought would be a good idea to use for the GIF. In the end I settled for the children being evacuated walking out of a door with all their bags and luggage. This proved a good choice as it worked well when I put the clip into Premiere and made the video go forwards and backwards. Then, also in premiere, I placed the #VFL18 hashtag over the video in a white font so that it was clear and easy to see against the dark black and white background.

I then made this short clip into a GIF and voilà! A cute little GIF was born!

#VFL18 Mash-up Video

When looking through the British council film archive I had many ideas for mash ups and parodies that would be funny and interesting for me to make and for people to watch.

One of my favourite films on the archive is ‘These Children are safe’ I enjoy this film as its one of very few that mentions the war. It shows the evacuation of children from the cities to the countryside and is a really sweet and interesting short film that is definitely worth the watch if you have a spare 20 minutes.


My main inspiration behind this video was the differences between culture then and now. I also showed the differences between children and students. The music and images I then swapped over from the videos which made a funny comparison between the two. I’m happy with how well the children dancing went with the house music that I placed over the top.

For the comparison video I used some footage I took at a RatBoy concert of people moshing and dancing which I thought would be funny to go alongside the audio of the children singing. I’m really happy with how this video turned out and if I had more time would have created more comparison/mashup videos from other sections of the ‘These children are safe’ film. Maybe for my final #VFL18 project a series of these types of videos would be a good idea?

Getting started.. #VFL18

So today I was properly introduced to my new project ‘View from Leicester’. I’m excited to start this project after hearing about previous years projects and what we are expected to do.

Today I was also introduced to the ‘British Council Film Collection‘ Which holds hundreds of old films made during the war. I watched a few of them today and found them actually very interesting to watch. I love old time classic British films, just the way they are created and how they come across to an audience is utterly unique. After watching a few I got ideas and took some interesting screenshots of certain shots until I had one that I thought I could link with our new project.

I then headed over to photoshop and using the colours already in the screenshot I added some text and the hashtag that we are using to link to the project. (#VFL18)

Face vfl

I like the way the screenshot makes it look as if the woman is looking at the text on the screen. I also like the way the modern writing contrasts with the vintage feel of the screen grab. This gave me an idea for my next piece. Watch this space..

Putting my best foot forward

I struggled to decide on a idea for my video assignment but after watching some old videos of mine I decided to stick to the one where you film your feet for the day.

I took inspirations from videos such as the man who took a picture of his face every day which has the same sped up and lots of images effect as my video has. I created my video throughout the day and recorded me with my friends at uni and walking around the uni buildings as well as going back to my flat, changing shoes and going out to lunch with my boyfriend. These videos I then sped up, cut down and pieced together the videos in Final Cut Pro to produce the final outcome. I then found some cheery music to go along with it on to make the video more interesting and look more put together. The video was then exported onto YouTube and is available to view here! 

I enjoyed creating this video as it has a lot going on in just a short space of time and shows the story of my day in a different and more unusual way. I was even thinking of doing a similar video when I go to Hong Kong in March. I really love making memory videos, especially for trips that I go on. I edited a video together from my time in Amsterdam when me and my best friend went to visit our pals who live over there. We had a really great time and making the video was great fun and its so nice to have a way  of remembering the trip whenever I want. When I go to Hong Kong in a few months I’m going to be making a similar video and also, after completing this video may also film my feet walking when I’m visiting all the amazing places in China.

This video was fun to make and look back on and has also given me some great ideas for future videos that I may make and upload.