#tdc1740 Rain or shine, your city/town/ is beautiful

Living between two towns can be pretty stressful but its also super fun as Leicester and Swindon are very different places and are beautiful in their own way.

Swindon, my home town, for example is not the most amazing town in the UK but does have many woodland and nature areas around it which I love.

The nature and areas around Swindon are a lot different to the areas around Leicester which is much more build up. This was hard for me to get used to at first but  after a year of living here I’m used to it and can appreciate my favourite places in both Swindon and Leicester more.

The pictures Ive taken around the towns in the last year show just how different they are, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

#tdc2098 We’re All Changing

Creating your first blog post its always daunting so I decided to start with a daily create to ease me into it.

Todays title of “we’re all changing” got me thinking as I’ve changed a lot since I first started university over a year ago. But change is a good thing, and much like the ceramic sheep that lives in my garden back home, (pictured below) I think things have gotten a lot better over the last year. Even if it looks a bit crappy to other people.

IMG_0117.JPGThe sheep is called Kevin and used to be beautifully white. Unlucky for Kevin the garden and the weather have been less than kind to him.