Unit 5: Family Friendly Billboard

I found it hard picking the assignments that I wanted to complete for this unit as the image based assignments always catch my eye. I wanted to pick something that would allow me to have fun and be creative.

I chose to create the family friendly billboard as I had a lot of ideas initially about what I wanted to put onto it.

The GrosvenorsWhen I read the assignment brief I instantly thought of this photo of me and my flatmates. It makes me laugh and we always joked about how it looked like it could be on a DVD cover for a sitcom about university life. On our last night out of first year we also joked that that night would be the last episode of the first season so would have to be an extra special and memorable night which is what gave me the idea for the billboard.

I used photoshop to create this image as I can use it well and was able to make the image how I wanted it.

IMG_1892I cut out the picture of us all and made it transparent so I could easily put it on a picture of a billboard I found online. I then found some cool fonts online and got them to say “The Grosvenors” which is the name of our student accommodation and what we agreed would be the name of our sitcom. I did think about changing the name to “Flat 14” as it would have been clearer what the show was about but this name looked better on the board. I chose to make it a netflix series as it meant I could fill it out more with branding and means that the whole of “year 1” of the show would be available, which is what I wrote on the board in the end.

I really enjoyed creating this image as it was fun but also allowed me to be creative with an inside joke that me and my flatmates have. I think it came out well and I’m happy with the finished product.


The second assignment I chose to create for this unit (We’re the real life brady bunch) also followed the same idea that I used in my previous one. I enjoyed creating this one for the same reasons and creating different images using the same key idea.


Vonnegut stories

I was thinking about the shapes of stories for a long time before I started writing this post. When I studied media in GCSE’s we were told that all stories started with an Equilibrium where everyone is happy. Then there will be a Disequilibrium, where something goes wrong, but in the end the story will end up back at the Equilibrium. Stories take different turns and these three stages to a story may come around in different ways but they are the base of every story. You can plot this on one of Vonneguts graphs. img_7066.jpg









So this is the simplest form of story telling that you can find and is the base of most shows, films and books. But some genres of these also have a base for their story telling. For example my favourite kind of TV show is murder mystery, I watch loads including IMG_7062luther, lucifer, midsummer murders and loads more. These are slightly different in their stories as each episode is a new crime and so the story is based on the crime and whether its being solved or not.

Some more modern stories are slightly different however and have different takes on the traditional story telling shapes. For example I recently watched “La La Land” and was prepared not to enjoy it as many people that had watched it before me said they did not enjoy the ending of the film and the story line in general. However I was very surprised when I watched it as I really enjoyed it and the ending of the film was one of the best parts in my eyes. IMG_7063The ending, unlike many other traditional stories such as cinderella and boy meets girl the couple do not end up together and the story ends in them accepting their separate lives and moving on.

I also found the idea of boy meets girl and cinderella stories interesting as for the story to end the characters need to hit rock bottom before they can become happy and reap the rewards for their previous hard work and intimate sadness. They are also given a better life at the end, for example in both these stories the characters are rewarded with eternal love and happiness after they come back from rockbottom. They have to loose what they want before they can have it forever.

I found this subject really interesting and will probably be thinking of this every time I read or watch anything now.

Say it like the Peanut Butter

This assignment was to pick our favourite or least favourite and create a gif. Deciding which film to pick proved hard work and I spent way too long deciding that rather than making the GIF. This is because there are so many films that I love and equally so many that I don’t love. First I was going to pick a new film or one I’d recently seen but I decided to pick one that first got me interested in films and that was Harry Potter.


I decided to create a GIF of Harry receiving his Hogwarts letters as thats what I wanted to happen to me for a long time after watching the films. This scene also makes me feel very nostalgic for a number of reasons so I feel I finally made the right choice in what to turn into a GIF.

I made this GIF using pictures which made it quite clunky but I quite like it this way. Next time I create one however I will use video and try to make it look a lot smoother and spend much more time and effort creating it and making it just the way I want to.

#tdc2107 Extreme Minimalist Art

The photo used to advertise todays daily create fascinated me as it was a very simple photograph but I thought it was quite an interesting photo and it got me thinking. Most of the photos I take are anything but minimalist, so I looked through my albums to try and find one that I thought might fit in with the idea of minimalism. The first one I thought might be relevant was one that I took over christmas last year of one of the dog bowls in our garden that had frozen over in the cold. I like this photo because of the detail and simplicity of it, its something that everyone sees when it gets cold but probably never takes the time to look at how pretty it can be. Some thing as mundane as droplets and a thin layer of ice look magical. IMG_0111Another photo that I thought was appropriate for the minimalist theme was one that I took in the photography studios last year for a uni project. Unfortunately this photo didn’t make the cut into the project but I love the photo a lot purely due to how simple yet powerful it is. Even though its just someone sat in a chair with a plain background the lighting makes the subject very interesting.  Jay fulllight2Although many of the photos I take or enjoy looking at are far from minimal I find it refreshing looking through more simple pictures as they are just as powerful and interesting as those that are a lot busier.

Foundations – Unit 1

So, I’ve made it to the end of unit one and I’m excited to get into the next part of the course.
I was told to write a short definition of what I think social media production might be. Personally I think its just about creating things are putting them out there for other people to see and also interacting with what other people make. I think I’d get told off if I didn’t mention that none of that would happen if it wasn’t for Web 2.0.

I think my favorite form of social media is Instagram, I enjoy looking through and posting on Instagram due to its simplicity. I also love sharing photos and videos with friends and family and looking at what they post too as well as following my favorite celebrities and artists as well. You can see my Instagram account here.Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.11.49 pm

I also update my twitter on a regular basis.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.03.06 pm

I really enjoyed joining in and creating my daily creates for this unit, I will hopefully carry on making these along side future units on the course as well. I like that you can interpret the daily create tasks in any way you want and they give you a way to be more creative. I also enjoy looking through what others have created for the daily create, these give me inspiration for my own as well as enjoyment just from scrolling through the feed. The best ones, in my eyes, are the photography and more creative ones as I think they look better on my blog and I also enjoy creating them more than others. I definitely won’t be joining in with the creates every day but when one catches my eye I will try my best to join the feed and create something of my own.

I’m excited to start unit 2 of the course and start on more of the projects and assignments that I can give a go. If you’re interested in what this blog is about or more about me visit my about page. Watch this space.

#tdc1740 Rain or shine, your city/town/ is beautiful

Living between two towns can be pretty stressful but its also super fun as Leicester and Swindon are very different places and are beautiful in their own way.

Swindon, my home town, for example is not the most amazing town in the UK but does have many woodland and nature areas around it which I love.

The nature and areas around Swindon are a lot different to the areas around Leicester which is much more build up. This was hard for me to get used to at first but  after a year of living here I’m used to it and can appreciate my favourite places in both Swindon and Leicester more.

The pictures Ive taken around the towns in the last year show just how different they are, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

#tdc2098 We’re All Changing

Creating your first blog post its always daunting so I decided to start with a daily create to ease me into it.

Todays title of “we’re all changing” got me thinking as I’ve changed a lot since I first started university over a year ago. But change is a good thing, and much like the ceramic sheep that lives in my garden back home, (pictured below) I think things have gotten a lot better over the last year. Even if it looks a bit crappy to other people.

IMG_0117.JPGThe sheep is called Kevin and used to be beautifully white. Unlucky for Kevin the garden and the weather have been less than kind to him.