#tdc2107 Extreme Minimalist Art

The photo used to advertise todays daily create fascinated me as it was a very simple photograph but I thought it was quite an interesting photo and it got me thinking. Most of the photos I take are anything but minimalist, so I looked through my albums to try and find one that I thought might fit in with the idea of minimalism. The first one I thought might be relevant was one that I took over christmas last year of one of the dog bowls in our garden that had frozen over in the cold. I like this photo because of the detail and simplicity of it, its something that everyone sees when it gets cold but probably never takes the time to look at how pretty it can be. Some thing as mundane as droplets and a thin layer of ice look magical. IMG_0111Another photo that I thought was appropriate for the minimalist theme was one that I took in the photography studios last year for a uni project. Unfortunately this photo didn’t make the cut into the project but I love the photo a lot purely due to how simple yet powerful it is. Even though its just someone sat in a chair with a plain background the lighting makes the subject very interesting.  Jay fulllight2Although many of the photos I take or enjoy looking at are far from minimal I find it refreshing looking through more simple pictures as they are just as powerful and interesting as those that are a lot busier.

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