Vonnegut stories

I was thinking about the shapes of stories for a long time before I started writing this post. When I studied media in GCSE’s we were told that all stories started with an Equilibrium where everyone is happy. Then there will be a Disequilibrium, where something goes wrong, but in the end the story will end up back at the Equilibrium. Stories take different turns and these three stages to a story may come around in different ways but they are the base of every story. You can plot this on one of Vonneguts graphs. img_7066.jpg









So this is the simplest form of story telling that you can find and is the base of most shows, films and books. But some genres of these also have a base for their story telling. For example my favourite kind of TV show is murder mystery, I watch loads including IMG_7062luther, lucifer, midsummer murders and loads more. These are slightly different in their stories as each episode is a new crime and so the story is based on the crime and whether its being solved or not.

Some more modern stories are slightly different however and have different takes on the traditional story telling shapes. For example I recently watched “La La Land” and was prepared not to enjoy it as many people that had watched it before me said they did not enjoy the ending of the film and the story line in general. However I was very surprised when I watched it as I really enjoyed it and the ending of the film was one of the best parts in my eyes. IMG_7063The ending, unlike many other traditional stories such as cinderella and boy meets girl the couple do not end up together and the story ends in them accepting their separate lives and moving on.

I also found the idea of boy meets girl and cinderella stories interesting as for the story to end the characters need to hit rock bottom before they can become happy and reap the rewards for their previous hard work and intimate sadness. They are also given a better life at the end, for example in both these stories the characters are rewarded with eternal love and happiness after they come back from rockbottom. They have to loose what they want before they can have it forever.

I found this subject really interesting and will probably be thinking of this every time I read or watch anything now.

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