Family Friendly Billboard

I found it hard picking the assignments that I wanted to complete for this unit as the image based assignments always catch my eye. I wanted to pick something that would allow me to have fun and be creative.

I chose to create the family friendly billboard as I had a lot of ideas initially about what I wanted to put onto it.

The GrosvenorsWhen I read the assignment brief I instantly thought of this photo of me and my flatmates. It makes me laugh and we always joked about how it looked like it could be on a DVD cover for a sitcom about university life. On our last night out of first year we also joked that that night would be the last episode of the first season so would have to be an extra special and memorable night which is what gave me the idea for the billboard.

I chose to make my show a Netflix original as Netflix always have the coolest ad campaigns and billboards. I took inspiration from some shows such as orange is the new black and community which were both on Netflix available for people to watch online.

I used photoshop to create this image as I can use it well and was able to make the image how I wanted it.

IMG_1892I cut out the picture of us all and made it transparent so I could easily put it on a picture of a billboard I found online. I then found some cool fonts online and got them to say “The Grosvenors” which is the name of our student accommodation and what we agreed would be the name of our sitcom. I did think about changing the name to “Flat 14” as it would have been clearer what the show was about but this name looked better on the board. I chose to make it a netflix series as it meant I could fill it out more with branding and means that the whole of “year 1” of the show would be available, which is what I wrote on the board in the end.

I made the background colour white to make the picture and words as well as the logo stand out to the audience. I made the words all black on white so that it contrasted with the image and also made the red Netflix logo stand out as this branding would be important if this was a real billboard.

I really enjoyed creating this image as it was fun but also allowed me to be creative with an inside joke that me and my flatmates have. I think it came out well and I’m happy with the finished product.




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