The Crazy Bunch

An assignment that really caught my eye and made me excited to work on was ‘We’re the real life Brady Bunch’ after completing the last image assignment ‘Family friendly billboard’ I instantly came up with an idea and ran with it.

To recreate this famous picture of The Brady Bunch I used photoshop.
brady-bunchI liked this picture as every member of the family have their own individual square. This gives each individual their own personality while still ensuring they look like a group. When I created my own version of this I wanted to put my own spin on it. Me and my flat mates always joke that we’re a family so I thought I would use them as my own Brady Bunch.


When starting out I took pictures of all my flatmates individually, these would later be edited away from their background to be used in the final piece.

After cutting out the individual images I placed them on different colour background to make them stand out. I chose to do this as the original backgrounds are all the same shade of blue so to make mine more exciting I made each box a different colour. I then arranged all the boxes together like the original and made my own logo “The Crazy Bunch” Again, based on the original image but with my own personal spin.

Brady bunch

After some more adjusting such as making the background white, which made the different colours stand out, I was happy with the finished product. If I was to complete this project again I would try and coordinate the subjects outfit colours to the individual box colours to make it look more put together as a piece so the person in the red box was wearing red or I’d mix the colours around, depending on what looked better.
Overall, I am pleased with how my original ideas progressed into the final picture and also linked with my last piece of assignment work.

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