Daylight come and me wan.. make a movie poster

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.55.04 pm

Beetlejuice is maybe my favourite film. Its such a classic, funny film and I absolutely adore it. When I looked at other examples of minimalist posters I instantly began brainstorming ideas for a poster based off of my favourite film. My favourite scene in the movie is often being played on a loop in my head, which sounds mad I know, but it just cheers me up whenever I’m not feeling great.

My initial idea for this assignment was to have the word title of the movie and then the famous house from the film (Such as the image below) alone on a grey background.


Unfortunately I couldn’t get my idea to work out on photoshop so I decided to use beetlejuices iconic stripy black and white suit instead. The photo I used is actually one I took of a friend of mine at a party. (luckily for me he loves an extravagant outfit) I had to edit out the background and him wearing it as well as the light on the picture to make the white in the suit as crisp as I wanted. I then matched this white to the logo so they matched and stood out on the poster as much as each other. I used grey for the background colour as black or white would have blended in with the suit but because of the tone of the film I felt that a dark colour would be appropriate.

I was pleased with how it turned out despite not being able to create what I had originally planned on making. If anything the suit is probably more iconic to the film than the house and so the suit would probably be recognisable to a larger audience than perhaps the house would have been.
When I showed my mum (another huge fan of the film) she suggested that even the title probably wouldn’t be necessary to the poster as the suit itself is so iconic.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.55.18 pmI however, was less convinced that everyone would understand the poster so decided that paired with the easily recognisable logo that the suit would be better off.

When I compared my poster to the original movie poster   I noticed how cluttered the poster is. Although I love this poster almost as much as I love the film there is a lot going on in it.


Maybe a minimalist poster would be better as a teaser campaign such as the iconic new incredibles poster? Maybe a series of images like mine? One with the suit, one with the house and now with each character? There is a Harry Potter poster  for the last film in the series that I absolutely adore. The poster doesn’t have the films title or any information apart from the date but the franchise is so famous you don’t need anything else. Its probably one of my favourite movie posters of all time, I remember seeing it for the first time and talking to my friend about how amazing it is that we didn’t need any information to know what film it is and why to get excited about the date. I definitely had this poster in mind when I created my Beetlejuice poster. Because both films are so famous the minimalist posters are probably just as affective.

However the more I look at the original poster the more I want to watch the film again and get the poster printed and framed. But that could just be my unnatural love for a film that was made before I was born talking.

Overall I loved creating the photo in photoshop and am proud of the finished product.

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