The most beautiful sounds

You can listen to my favourite sounds here!

As a media student I have a large interest in radio so the audio assignments were definitely something I’ve been looking forward to starting to create. This assignment in particular caught my eye as there are a lot of sounds in my life that I associate with certain things and I enjoy hearing. Obviously picking these sounds was quite hard but after taking my time and thinking about it I feel I came out with a collection of sounds that do truly make me happy. One morning I gave myself a challenge for the day, to record any sounds that make me smile throughout the day. This resulted in many recordings being taken throughout the day. (Many of which unfortunately didn’t make it onto the final cut)


I took the sounds and edited them all individually in Audition before importing them all into a multitrack and editing them more then but together as one piece of sound. I decided to edit them overlapping slightly to make it more interesting rather than just putting each sound in front of each other as this seemed boring to listen to.

If I was more talented I would have made the sounds into their own little song such as Charlie McDonnells ‘A song about love’ where all the sounds making the song are household objects.

As for all the sounds I used, heres a short explanation as to why I included each one:

Facebook video call sound – This sounds made the cut as this sound means I’m getting a video call from friends, family or boyfriend back home. Although this is a rather annoying sound, to me the sound is a nice thought about special people to me who are still back home.

The beeping the hob in my flat makes – This sound is a happy one for a very obvious reason. It remind me off food and all the times I’ve had to help my flatmates out as our hob is annoyingly hard to use.

Liquid being poured – As a student this sound also has an obvious meaning to me, the drinks and parties that have happened in the flat. When hearing liquid being poured it remind me of many good night with my friends.

Cereal being poured out – Another food related one, but cereal hold a special place in my heart as I have at least one bowl a day. Nothing  for breakfast? Cereal. In a rush for lunch? Cereal. Not really that hungry but need to eat? Cereal. A well loved back up for me.

Door slamming – The sounds of my flats front door is one I have mixed feeling about. The reason I put it in this mix was because I relate the sound with my flatmates coming home. And although they may annoy me, its nice to have people around you and to know I’m not in the flat on my own. (Even when they wake me up by slamming the door at night)

Typing – Although the work at uni is hard and time consuming I do love the sound of myself typing up assignments, especially when I’m in the flow and typing quickly as I have so many ideas to get down.

Shower turning on – Another simple pleasure of mine is a nice hot shower. My friends always moan that we don’t have a bath here at uni but I’ve always been a shower person and think nothing can beat one after a long day.

People talking – My top favourite things abut being at uni is being surrounded by great people. As an only child it was hard to get used to being around people all the time but now going back home to silence is strange to me.

I loved creating and writing up this assignment. I think little project was something I’m glad I did as I enjoyed it so much. If you’re reading this and thinking about all the sounds that make you happy, go out and record them! Its like a mini 20 second time capsule.

In case you missed it, you can listen to my favourite sounds here! 


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