Ode to my hat

When I saw this assignment was to take pictures of a mundane object in different ways I took a while deciding what object to use. After a while I thought about the hat that my parents had got me for Christmas this year. Every year they seemed to set themselves the  strange challenge of finding the weirdest hat they can and gifting it to me for christmas. This year I was blessed with a bobble hat with several colourful lamas on it. This one was arguably the best hat I owned or will ever own.


I then set myself a task. After a year a half of pranks being played on me by my flatmates (Hidden speakers in my room, cling filming my door shut and turning everything in my room upside down.. the list goes on) I decided to make this assignment a little bit more interesting for myself. Over the first few weeks back in the flat after christmas I put my beloved hat over, on and in random things of my flatmates in the flat and moved it about throughout the weeks. The reactions towards the hat were mixed, but these were the best results:

The hat stayed on my flatmates milk in the fridge for a few days and was moved from the kettle every time it was used (It was promptly but back on by me). It also stayed on the end of the ironing board for a few days too.. These days the hat sits on the edge of our TV. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, someone on the TV will wear the hat so for that reason I don’t think my flatmates mind my hat in its new home. When asked why I was annoying them in such a stupid way I didn’t tell them, best let them read this post or be confused while I continue to hide the hat in their cupboards and shelves throughout the year ahead.

Although their pranks this year annoyed me for a few hours at most, the hat annoyed them for 2 weeks so I feel like my mission was a success. Maybe next year the same will happen but with a new and improved hat?



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