Star Warped

I’ve only become a Star Wars fan recently but my boyfriend has been the biggest fan for years. So purely due to peer pressure I’ve now seen every film and know more about the franchise than I ever wanted to know. In return for making me watch all the films I made my boyfriend watch some of my favourite films, the latest one being E.T. The fact he’d never seen the film shocked me and so as soon as I found that out we sat down together to watch it, and that was the idea behind my mash-up.

I took two very famous and iconic images from each film and thought about what I could turn them into. (Starters) (E.T)


Lucky for me both images are based around moons so the mash up was pretty clear in my mind. So out came photoshop and out came an image I’m actually rather proud of.

tatooineandetThe Star Wars image does originally have 2 moons in the sky but I decided to stick with the one to draw attention to E.T. I also changed to sky to black as thats the background colour of the famous E.T picture. This may look strange but makes the mash up more obvious in my eyes and cooler to look at.

I got inspiration for this project from Cardboard Box Office who recreate famous movie scenes with their family and lots of cardboard in their living room. I love their blog and think they’re so creative. I also got inspiration from fan made posters that mix peoples favourite films together.

starwarpComparing the images makes me think I could have made the black background more interesting but it needed to be black to fit in with the E.T part of the image. I also placed the moon higher in the sky than the other two as its much bigger and draws more attention at that point in the sky. This star wars scene is so iconic there are many other ways that you could manipulate it. Below are some examples of things I could have done.

tatooine222Making the E.T moon the same size and place as the other moon makes the image look too out of place and it also makes it quite hard to see the silhouette thats over the moon making this way of editing it less effective.

I could have also made the edit more interesting my adding other characters into the scene. I used this one of Leonardo DiCaprio as this image is used in a lot of memes and makes the image a lot funnier and more interesting.

tatooine 333I loved editing these mash ups of this famous scene in Star Wars.

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