Putting my best foot forward

I struggled to decide on a idea for my video assignment but after watching some old videos of mine I decided to stick to the one where you film your feet for the day.

I took inspirations from videos such as the man who took a picture of his face every day which has the same sped up and lots of images effect as my video has. I created my video throughout the day and recorded me with my friends at uni and walking around the uni buildings as well as going back to my flat, changing shoes and going out to lunch with my boyfriend. These videos I then sped up, cut down and pieced together the videos in Final Cut Pro to produce the final outcome. I then found some cheery music to go along with it on BenSound.com to make the video more interesting and look more put together. The video was then exported onto YouTube and is available to view here! 

I enjoyed creating this video as it has a lot going on in just a short space of time and shows the story of my day in a different and more unusual way. I was even thinking of doing a similar video when I go to Hong Kong in March. I really love making memory videos, especially for trips that I go on. I edited a video together from my time in Amsterdam when me and my best friend went to visit our pals who live over there. We had a really great time and making the video was great fun and its so nice to have a way  of remembering the trip whenever I want. When I go to Hong Kong in a few months I’m going to be making a similar video and also, after completing this video may also film my feet walking when I’m visiting all the amazing places in China.

This video was fun to make and look back on and has also given me some great ideas for future videos that I may make and upload.

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