Finding a cause #VFL18

Last week we had a meeting about what we were going to create for our contribution to the ‘View from Leicester‘ project. We took notes on the meeting and made brain storms for our different ideas for the project.

We had several ideas that were inspired by the ‘Humans of New York‘ project and the ‘CHEER UP LUV‘ photography project. We decided to take photos around Leicester following a similar style to these projects. However, we felt that these ideas were too vague and wanted a clearer idea of what we wanted to do. So we brainstormed some more and settled on the idea of ‘A-Z of Leicester’ which would be an Instagram and Twitter project based on places of interest around Leicester.

Originally we were going to include landmarks and the people of Leicester but after writing down our ideas for each letter we realised we had more ideas on landmarks and places rather than anything else.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.26.19 pm

We still have another meeting to go before we start collecting the photos we wish to use. We also have plans for editing and uploading which just needs to be finalised before we do them.


So far we have created our first post on the Instagram feed which includes the logo that we created in our first meeting. This will be used as promo for the project and to generate an audience and get people interested as well as getting more people involved.


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