Getting started #VFL18

Today we met up and organised the rest of the photos that we need to take and when we are all free to take them. Some letters are proving more difficult than others to find something for but we’re slowly figuring out what the final project will look like.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.21.17 pm

For inspiration we looked at websites such as ‘visit Leicester’ and ‘Trip advisor’ as well as taking inspiration from our own outings in Leicester as well as our friends experiences.

We decided to go around and take most of the pictures across two days so that the project moved smoother and we could get on with editing them as soon as possible as this is what would take up most of our time. While we were taking photos we would also get together some content to use as promo and use the ‘Instagram stories’ feature to help us promote the project and keep followers interested while we gathered photos and edited them for the main project page.

So far I’m feeling good about the project as we are on track and excited to get the project done!


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