Hard work pays off.. #VFL18

I haven’t updated the blog for a while as all we have been doing is editing and posting the rest of our alphabet.

We finally made it to A! And with our last post we reached 89 followers!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.23.22 pm

Its such a good feeling to look at the final project and I’m so happy with how it turns out. It looks professional and has lots of information for an Instagram page. We did originally plan to have a twitter page set up as well but I’m glad that that didn’t work out as we put a lot more work into the Instagram page which made it a lot better! Using Instagram was also a great idea as our project was image based and Instagram acts as a great platform for this kind of project.

Even though the alphabet has come to an end there is room to expand to other cities or maybe even having something like ‘letter of the week’ on our current A-Z of Leicester page. Overall I believe the project has been a huge success as we have gained many followers without following many pages ourselves. We were thinking of carrying on with the project and maybe continuing with a ‘A-Z food of Leicetser’ and try out some new places in the process.

Hopefully others appreciate the work that went into this project and are as impressed with it as we are. So if you’re not already following the page, do go and give it a follow and a read of the posts!

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