Survey of campaigns (TECH3022)

Hello! I’m back! Its been a while.. I had a lovely summer but I think its time to get back into the swing of things so here we go!

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the use of hashtags and the effectiveness of online campaigns. I’ve found this topic really interesting as I think social media has a huge impact on our lives and even our thoughts so learning more about this has been very interesting for me.

We were told to pick a campaign that used a hashtag and talk about why that campaign was successful . I took a while picking what campaign I wanted to do but decided on 

You can tell just how huge the hashtag is but the emojis created for its twitter presence. I also choose this campaign due to just how long the movement has been going on for. The black lives matter campaign was founded on the 13th July 2013! I have never seen a campaign stay this huge for this long and stayed as relevant as it is for that amount of time. This movement is inspiring and inspirational to me and works well due to many reasons. The main ones being how relevant the issues covered by the hashtag is and how important it is that these issues are raised. Its also successful as it makes people who are affected by these issues feel part of a community and allows them to feel supported when telling their own stories.

I talk more about the black lives matter campaign in my video which you can find here!

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