After a manic week at uni last week it was super fun and refreshing visiting the Highcross shopping centre for our lab. We spoke to the manager at the the Timberland store and he spoke to us about how the company uses social media. I was particularly interested in how they promoted their black Friday and christmas sales as most stores we looked at just posted adverts in their windows rather than using social media as a tool to promote this.


The signs promoting the black Friday discount were scattered all around the timberland store. The signs were also very plain and simple but I could see how effective they probably were for a customer.

When we left the Timberland store and started to explore the rest of the Highcross I noticed that most of the other stores had the same set up as Timberland as they also had simple signs and posters promoting their black Friday sales.

Almost every store had a Black Friday sale in store which I found interesting as Black Friday is more of an american thing but all of a sudden seems to be massive here in the UK. Of course as its nearing the end of November the main thing I noticed was how the whole shopping centre had dressed up for christmas. The Stores in Highcross also had many christmas offers and promotions on as well as some festive decorations.

I was surprised that there was probably just as many Black Friday sales as there was Christmas promotions. I did assume that Christmas would be more popular in the shops but clearly both were very popular with shops and customers.

I think if these shops or Highcross were to use social media they many have had more success with their sales and promotions as more people would know that these deals were taking place. As most of the stores already had posters and signs made they could easy just post a picture of these on Social media to gain the customers they wanted from this. This would save them time as they would not have to create much new content but they would still be targeting a much bigger audience if they were to post these online and not just rely on people walking past their stores.


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