Parsley Productions 1 – Getting started

This project will be the start up of a media company specialising in radio and audio production. Parsley Productions is a Freelance media business which operates from both the South of the UK as well as the Midlands. The business will offer a range of services including Audio recording and Editing as well help with live events. They will also specialise in Radio services such as Producing, Presenting, Content Creating and Editing. Although the business is not registered it will plan to become a limited company at some point in the near future as the company grows.

The owner of this company already had the bones of Parsley Productions set up before this project but it was very basic. The company is called Parsley Productions so this project will rebrand and expand on this. At the moment Parsley Productions only has a small Instagram account so most of the content for the project will be brand new. The Instagram page is also based on photography so everything will be made from scratch or  rebranded.

Parsley Productions will be specialising in radio and audio production as that is what the creator is most passionate about and also has the most knowledge about. This also eliminates a lot of competition as most media companies specialise in photography or video production. This means there is a gap in the market for a freelance company that focuses on Audio production.

At the end of this project the company aims to have:
-A new, professional and recognisable logo
-A professional and easy to use website that showcases the companies best work
-Content to put on the website and make it look fresh and modern and also content to fill the portfolio showcased on the website
-Branded items such as t-shirts and lanyards for employees of the company
-Items useful for the company such as business cards and letter headers to help expand the business
-A business plan to help expand the business and move it forward

All of the above will be invaluable to the start up of Parsley Productions and should be produced in a professional and modern way. Hopefully all of these things will help to boost and grow the business enough to gain a small client base which is an ideal place for a small start up business to grow from.


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