Parsley Productions 2 – Creating a logo

The first step to creating this radio production company was creating the logo. This would be very important for the remainder of the project as the logo is what any person, client or employee would see straight away when discovering the business. A logo is also very important to a company as its what the company is recognised by. This meant that the process for creating the logo was very important.
An effective and easy way to create a well known brand is to place the logo as many places as possible to ensure it is associated with the brand and to create a clear identity. The logo had be eye-catching and easy to read.

As the bones of Parsley Productions were already made there was already a logo to work on and rebrand.


The logo for the company was what had been originally wanted when first creating the brand a long time ago. So it was time to rebrand. What was good about this particular logo was that it was simple and easy to read. However it was also boring and not eye catching, meaning it was not effective in what was needed from it so it needed to be changed.
Before beginning to create the new logo research had to be done into other successful media companies and their logos. (A few are shown below)

Most of the examples found were also simple and easy to read. They also had two versions of their logo. The graphic part and then the longer, full worded logo. This was something that was wanted from the Parsley Productions logo as well. Although the owner discovered that logos that had the whole name in them were a lot easier to read and to recognise making them easier to associate with that particular company.

The logos looked that were looked at were also all very simple and easy to read. They also stuck to a very clear colour scheme and font throughout their logo and branding that even carried on throughout their websites. (Examples below)

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 8.54.38 pmscreen shot 2019-01-15 at 8.54.25 pm

The above examples are radio production companies so this was a good place to start looking for inspiration. Looking into logos and similar companies websites it made clear what was needed when the logo for Parsley Productions was to be created. It also gave an idea about where to start regarding the website for the company. The logo had to have a strong presence on the website so ensuring it would look professional on the website page was important.

The creator decided to create the logo with the old one in mind. The original text was used but instead of the full words only the first letter was used. This was because the text was easy to read and wouldn’t be too different from the original logo that people already following the company would recognise. The logo also stuck to the black and white colour scheme which is easy to read and made watermarking visual work much easier.


Above is the lettering used for the logo. To make it more interesting, using photoshop the letter was duplicated and placed over the top of the original. This produced an easy to read and iconic logo that would be used throughout the rest of the company.


The more I looked at the new logo the more issues they had with it. Although it was much more interesting than the original logo is was still boring and plain and not a good representation of what Parsley Productions could produce. The main issue with the new logo was that is was still too boring for what was required from this company. The monotone colour was modern but made the logo blend in to anything it was put against meaning just like the logo, the business was likely to not be seen in amongst a crowd. It was decided that another logo had to be created to ensure the business caught more eyes and allowed Parsley Productions to grow as much as it could.

I went back to photoshop and decided which font to use. The font used before was  part of the problem I had with the logo as it looked old and dull. It may have been easy to read but it did not relate to what the company was about. This was changed to a font that came across as much more fun, modern and even easier to read.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.23.48 am

Once this was changed the next step was making it more interesting. I played around with shapes on photoshop until I decided that a circle around the word parsley made it stand out. The simple shape design also gave it a more modern look. Because Parsley is a herb I decided to make it green. But this just kept the logo looking boring and had no relation to the brand that I was trying to create so I decided to play around with colours. The colour I decided to change my logo to was bright red with black writing.

logo trans

The reasoning behind this was that the red reminded me of mic live lights that are used in radio studios. This made the logo not only modern, clear and eye catching but also gave potential clients and employees a sense of what Parsley Productions creates.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.16.27 pm

The colour red is also used for some faders in studios so this made it link to what my company offered which my previous logo did not do. I think this logo is much better than the last one due to a number of reasons and so this shall be used throughout the rest of my company.


The clear colours of my logo will also help steer the designs of my website, business cards and other products created for the company.



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