Parsley Productions 3 – Starting my website

Creating a website for my company is probably going to be my biggest and hardest task as I know exactly what I want to achieve from having a professional and functioning website. It may take me longer to achieve the desired effect but this time would not be a waste due to the importance of this particular task. I would like my website to be simple and easy to use but still visually appealing and modern. I would like 3 pages to my website. One as a welcome page, one as a contact page and one with all of the companies work linked to it which would act as a portfolio for Parsley Productions. The page with the work linked will hopefully have images attached to each piece of work making it stand out and more visually appealing to potential clients.

As the company is audio based I decided to make sure the links to my work were on the website via a photo. These photos had to link to the audio that it was associated with. This was easy for some of the work but harder for others as there was nothing visual connected to them. Another issue to do with the visual appeal of the website was creating backgrounds. I wanted the pages of the website to be backed onto photos to do with the company. This meant the first step in creating the website was going out and taking photos to be able to fill the site with.
To do this I booked out studio time to take some photos while recording my podcasts and radio shows. This gave me a good range of images to use on my site.

Most of the photos taken were of the studio itself and not of people using the equipment. The reason behind this was to ensure the focus was not put on the people but on what the company does which is recording and editing with the equipment. This worked out well as most of the shots were used as background and filler images. These would not have worked if they were people heavy images.

Images including people were also taken and used as promotional pictures for the work that was published on the site.  This made the work more personal and interesting as you can see who is doing the presenting on the work. Logos and other promotional content was used for this too.

I ensured that all images used on the website were professional and high quality to ensure potential clients looking at our website that the work from the company would be the same.

I decided to use the website creator ‘WIX’ to build my website. I chose a basic template so I could easily edit the website how I wanted and make it exactly as I intended. This meant the website followed the exact plans that were were originally laid out when I decided what I wanted from a company website.

The first page was purely going to be a welcome to the website. This was important to introduce customers to what the company does and to keep them interested in finding out more about Parsley Productions. I decided to use a large image of the audio studio desk for the background of both the home page and the contact us page.


This image was chosen as it is really simple but clearly shows what Parsley Productions specialises in. The photo also doesn’t have anything major in the photo that would steal the attention from website information that would be placed over the top of it.


I decided to place the logo at the very top of the website, this was to ensure it was one of the first things that visitors to the website saw. At first I placed the logo in the top corner. Here it was small and placed upon a solid grey background which was dull and boring and didn’t look professional at all. So It was changed to be a lot bigger and be sat upon a while strip background that was blended against the background to make the logo stand out but not loose the background picture.

Because the background of the page had yellow faders in it the colour theme of the site changed. I tried to change it so that everything on the page was red, black and white but this made the website seem boring and also did not look professionally made. The red writing was also hard to read and as it matched the logo it all blended into the page so nothing of importance stood out. To counteract this I changed all of the text, apart from the logo, to white or yellow to match the faders. This made the whole site much easier to read which would be much better for potential clients who may be visiting my site.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 5.41.19 pm

I think Parsley Productions home page is informative and effective. It shows easily to an audience what the company does and looks sleek and professional while doing this.

For my portfolio page I took a lot longer on creating and adding to it. When designing this page I struggled as the content of the website would be audio but I didn’t want it to be boring so had to find a way to bring in a visual element to this page. This was done by linking the different audio to a picture or artwork that represented the attached audio. This made it easier for users of the website to see which audio content they wanted to listen to. As these were also placed on a grid on the page it also showed how wide the variety of audio content created by Parsley Productions is.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 12.44.44 pmThis page was edited and changed the most and will most likely be edited the most so the work is updated constantly. This is due to the fact that the more work that Parsley Productions produces the better the next piece of work will be.

Producing the contact page was simple. I created a form that allows users of the website with any questions or comments to easily send a message straight to the company email so I can see it easily and quickly.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 12.58.17 pmAfter a lot of time playing around and tweaking the website until it was exactly what was needed for Parsley Productions. The website is modern, simple and easy to use. Its a great way to showcase the work that Parsley Productions has already made and what work the company is in the process of creating.

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