Whats out there? – Social Media 2

So as I have decided to base my project on recycling products in The Highcross Shopping centre in Leicester I decided to start by seeing what was good and bad about the current campaigns that already exist. The two I will be looking at is H&M and L’Occitane as they both already have recycling campaigns, offer rewards for recycling for customers and also both have stores located in The Highcross Shopping centre.

H&M have one page on their website about their recycling initiative and never mention it on their social media sites.
Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 3.29.15 pm

I actually really enjoy these promotional pictures for their initiative. They are really simple but are also super effective for what they intend to do. They use the same colour and pictures which make them all work really well together and show how much they do with customer donations. However these don’t tell customers about the £5 gift card they could get when they donate their clothes.  When I visited the store they did have a sign  in the front of the window which highlighted this perk. It made this clear as well as the main idea behind the campaign. The same style as the other promotional pictures is also used in an effective way.


I really like this branding by H&M and think the idea behind this campaign is great too! I just wish more people knew about it and more brands were doing similar things! I’m also convinced that if H&M posted about this on social media sites they would receive a lot more donations and I’m sure that many other brands would follow in their footsteps.

L’Occitanes recycling program is slightly different as they are encouraging customers to bring in old used plastic bottles which are then reused or recycled.

I found that their program is even less advertised than the H&M one which is strange to me as they are such a well known and respected brand. When I went to the shop in Highcross they didn’t have any signs in the window to advertise this more, just a small box in the corner of the store were customers could place their empty bottles. The only reason I even knew about this recycling program was because a friend of mine works for the brand and had previously told me about it.

As they are such a well respected brand I think that if they also started posting on social media to promote these recycling boxes then they would receive a lot more donations. They also recycle bottles from other brands which again, is not advertised. I think it is ridiculous that brands are willing to recycle unwanted products for their customers but do next to nothing to promote this ideal.

When I start on my own campaign I will make sure that it will be seen by customers and will allow them to easily recycle more of their clothes and empty products. I think moving the campaign to social media will also be highly effective as unless you are looking for these recycling programs you would not be able to find the website pages. The signs on the front of stores may also be less effective as people see so many signs in so many windows when going shopping they may not pay attention to the recycling signs in the windows. When posting on social media the range of customers that may see it gets much wider. With many people shopping online now too I think it’s important to get the message to as many people as possible, especially when it concerns such an important topic.



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