Parsley Productions 6 – Branded items

After I had completed the business cards I decided to branch out and think about the items the company may find useful once it expands. Before deciding what to create I did some research into other media brands and found that many just have lanyards when in the office and on set. They also have plain T-shirts with the logo on when on location as well as hoodies. The Tshirts were simple and just had the company logo on the front. This was good as they had to be simple but still clear to anyone who may also be on set with those working with the company.

When Parsley Productions has enough clients that it is renting its own office space and has more employees it would be time to think about things such as lanyards for those working for the company. These would be useful for a number of reasons, firstly if Parsley Productions is renting a small office space that is part of a bigger office block lanyards would be useful so others are aware who people are working for. They would also be useful in an office environment as they make the company look more professional and also when entering the office block it would be clear that the people with lanyards were employees and that they belonged there.

Another place were employee lanyards would be useful would be outside of the office. If Parsley Productions were asked to cover a live event or be on location with a company a lanyard to show that they are crew members would be useful. This would show people were they work and also if anyone needed help, who to talk to.

Below is a mock up or a few different designs for lanyards. On the left is what an office lanyard may look like and on the right is what the on location lanyards may look like.

LanyardsThe lanyards follow the colour scheme of the company and also look professional and modern.

Another item which may be useful on location would be branded Tshirts, hoodies and high visibility vests. These would only be useful on location rather than in the office. These would allow others to clearly spot staff members and also give the company a sort of uniform that, when out of the office, would show that Parsley Productions are a team.

high visHoodiesWhite tshirt designThese clothes would not also be helpful but they are also simple. This is important as many different people could potentially be wearing them.

I was originally going to create letter headers for the company. However after researching this I found that many modern companies that are based online tend to not bother with this and just place the logo of the company at the bottom of their emails which is what Parsley Productions intends to do.

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