Parsley Productions 8 – Creating ‘A chat with..’

I had several ideas for new podcast style shows that I wanted to create to fill up my portfolio. I decided to create a laid back one and a slightly more educational one to again, show how diverse the work that Parsley Productions could create would be.

The first idea I had started a few months ago. Because of another project I was lucky enough to talk to many experts in different topic such as Comedy, Photography and Environmental issues. When I was recording other projects with them I asked if I could ask them a few questions in their field of expertise to use as a short podcast for this particular project.  I called this podcast ‘A chat with..’ as each episode was a chat with a different person. I liked this name as it was clear and informative. After I recorded the audio with the guests I uploaded them to my computer and edited them on Adobe Audition. Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 6.03.35 pmI edited them in a way that ensure they were interesting and packed with information for the audience as the guests on each episodes were all very interesting people in all different fields. I edited out ums and silences and sometimes stutters if they interrupted the flow of the interview. This process took a lot of time to get right as some of the interviews were quite long and there are 7 episodes all together. I also wanted them to be perfect so took extra time and care on them.

To go along with the podcast series I also made some visual media for the Castbox channel that they were being uploaded to. Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.32.44 pmScreen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.32.55 pm
I originally made the picture associated with this podcast all the same. This made it look boring and unprofessional so I used photoshop to add all the individual episode images to include the name of the guest of the podcast. This made them individual and made the series look more polished and put together. I used a picture recently taken of myself as it looks like I am in deep conversation which links with the topic of the podcast. I am also In a professional radio studio so audiences will know these are proffesional style interviews before they even listen to the series.

This picture was then placed on the portfolio page of my website as people may be familiar with the podcast and so will likely link the photo to the podcast. When clicked on the, the photo on the portfolio page also links to the Castbox page allowing website users to listen to it in full. I decided to link the audio content and host it on another website rather than host it all on my page as to not over fill the website and make it look cluttered. Having it linked to a photo on the portfolio page also made the website simple and easy to use. It made the portfolio more visual which was something I was worried about not achieving when first designing my website so I am very happy with this outcome and how the audio element of my website has been developed.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 6.38.14 pm









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