Creating something new – Social Media 3

Because of the wide range of shops in The Highcross I had a lot to choose from to focus my project on. I decided to pick two shops out and then focus on designing for them. I chose two with slightly different customers to show how diverse this campaign could be. If every single shop in The Highcross took after these two shops it would make the amount of recycling in Leicester go through the roof.

The first shop I chose was The Timberland Store. I chose this as we had spoken with Timberland before deciding what I wanted to do for this project meaning I already had some knowledge of the stores Social Media presence. Before Starting I looked into some of the adverts that Timberland had already produced as it was important to stay on brand when creating my campaign.

I found that Timberland keep to a very similar style in all of there advertisements. They are all quite dark in colours with white writing. They also always have the logo in the bottom right corner. I liked how simple and effective these were and decided to recreate this into my own design. I also picked a poster for a jacket that advertises reusing old timberland clothes. When I looked this up it said the campaign was not a success as many people didn’t know about it and people were unable to donate any other clothing, just rain jackets. This made it easier for me as I could see the kind of thing that Timberland would want if they were to create another similar recycling campaign.

I started on photoshop with a black background as thats what all the other posters used. This made the writing that was used later on stand out a lot more. I also thought the white writing was very effective and eye catching so decided to follow this idea through to my own designs. I used a simple picture too and edited it so it fit with the background and then placed the Timberland logo at the bottom of the page like the other posters I had looked at. As these posters were aimed at The Highcross store in particular I also put the Highcross logo onto the other corner. I couldn’t decide which slogan I liked more but thought it was good to have some variety.

I made the writing linked to waste bigger than the rest of the text to make sure that it stood out and would make potential customers realise what the poster was promoting. This particular poster could be used in store windows or behind tills but also would work really well online.

Timberland have a large Instagram following so posting there would probably best as it would reach the most people. Reaching the most people possible was important as this campaign relied on customers contributing.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.16.04 pm

Looking through their Instagram I found that many people interacted with the company through this social media site which reinforced my idea that this was the best place to post content for my campaign. Below is an example of what this may look like.


The use of hashtags would make it easier for customers to join in the discussion and talk about this campaign as well as share their own thoughts and allow discussion between customers and the company. Timberland has 2.4 million followers on twitter so this just proves how many people could potentially see the post and get involved in the campaign. Using a hashtag would also help promote the campaign as the Instagram story feature allows people to use hashtags and tag companies so customers could potentially document themselves donating to the store.  Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.15.49 pm

Another shop in The Highcross shopping centre that would probably join in on this campaign is The Body Shop. All of their products are cruelty free and much better for the planet than a lot of other cosmetic brands. This would make them a great company to get on board with the Highcross’s recycling campaign. Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 4.46.13 pm

I approached this store slightly differently than the Timberland store for a variety of reasons. The customers for each store are wildly different and they also use social media a lot differently. The Body Shops twitter is a lot more active than Timberlands twitter but the store is also very present on Instagram as well, much like Timberland. For this store I decided to take a different approach to both Instagram and twitter as this is what the Body Shop currently do. Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.17.44 am

As said before, they are much more active on twitter and they use is as more of a place for information or tips for customers. They also share customers tips and interact with customers a lot through this platform.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.18.21 am

Because of this I decided to make my Tweet with them full of information. I took a picture of a friend with old mascara wands and decided that the Body Shop would encourage people to donate their old mascara wands to help animals in need. 
Although this kind of donation was different to recycling old packaging it was something that a lot of people have been made aware of recently. Also donating to a cause like this would encourage people not to throw their old wands away as it is such a great (and cute) charity.

For the tweet I edited the photo in an informational poster style. Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 12.23.59 pm

Once again I used white writing on a darker background to make the information stand out. I also used the Highcross logo in the corner to create synergy and show that all the posters and promotional content for the campaign was all linked.

I made the background plain to focus on the picture in the centre.




Tweet mock up

For Instagram I took a different approach. The Body Shop use Instagram more as a platform to spread their ideals of body positivity, girl power and against animal cruelty. They also use Instagram to post pictures of inspirational women so I decided to continue with this theme.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 12.30.30 pm


I used the same picture as I used for the twitter campaign but edited it differently. Their Instagram page also was all square images so I followed this trend too.



Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 1.57.48 pm

I used a similar style to their other posts. I also tagged the charity in the caption so that customers could have a look at the charity themselves and see what good they would be doing. I decided to not use text on this post as the caption has all the information people need.


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