Parsley Productions 9 – Creating ‘Jess Jabbers’

After creating an informative podcast in the form of ‘A chat with..’ I decided to create a smaller, more light hearted podcast to add more content to my website. I decided to create a podcast where I would chat about whatever was on my mind and record it in my room using my Zoom H5 Audio recorder. After I did this, I again used Adobe Audition to edit it. I edited a backing track onto this podcast to give it more depth and make it more interesting for those listening.

I really liked the three episodes I did for this series and they were short and sweet which is what I wanted. This is because they weren’t too serious or too long. This made them really easy to listen to but they still included topics that were interesting and engaging for an audience. On the third episode I took the recorder somewhere else to record to make the series a bit different and interesting.

For the visual element of this series I also spent some time making the photos for the Castbox channel engaging. I used photoshop and a picture of me to create these.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 1.25.47 pmI used a film photo a friend took of me as the main picture for the series. I chose this photo as it wasn’t to edited or staged which I liked as It linked to the style of the series. In the background of the picture is greenery and nature which links to the raw and real feel of the podcast series. I wrote over the top of the photo in a simple, modern white text which added to the style of the podcast. I also placed the Parsley Productions logo to the bottom of the photo to start to create a brand identity across all the work that Parsley Productions has helped to make. Much like many of my other Castbox channels I decided to make the episode pictures different to the main photo. For Jess Jabbers I decided to just replace the Parsley Productions logo with an episode number. This made the series look really professional and put together. I’m really happy with the way this podcast and everything that went with it turned out and I’m proud to link it on the portfolio page of the Parsley Productions website and hopefully send it over to employers and clients.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 6.58.31 pm


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