Reviewing – Social Media 4

I’ve worked really hard on this project and have done a lot of thinking about what makes a good social media campaign.

Things I think went well:
The idea behind the campaign was a really important one. A lot of products can’t be recycled and many people don’t even know what can or cannot be recycled. This is why I think its super important for big companies like Timberland, Body Shop and H&M to help consumers out and recycle old products as much as they can. I really hope many other companies take after H&M and start introducing recycling campaigns throughout their stores. Many people think that big companies are the the only people that can change the negative effects we are having on our environment but thats not true. Its the consumers that have the biggest say in my eyes, If we change what we buy and how we shop then stores will have to follow suit. So basing my campaign on such an important topic that I am passionate about was a great idea!

Branding the posts. Each post had the Highcross logo, the store logo and then if it was tweeted or put on Instagram it also had the brands name there too. This is important as a strong brand identity is what makes most campaigns and posts on social media stand out. This also made it clear to customers where these ideas were coming from. The branding also lead the way for more posts and expanding the campaign. I think this is an important topic so as more and more shops join the campaign even more posts could be made.

Using the correct platforms. I used Instagram for both of  my example stores posts. This is because both stores have a really strong presence on Instagram so it was important to use this to my advantage. If you posted on platforms such as Facebook which aren’t followed as much the potential audience for that post would be drastically lower. The usual audience for Twitter and Instagram are usually a bit younger and the younger generations are definitely more open to recycling and helping out the planet in different ways. This is another reason why choosing the right platforms was important.


Things I think could have been improved:
The posts could have linked more. If I was to redo this project I would have made all the posts much more similar. For example all the posts would look like they were for one store as they all looked the same but they would actually all be for different stores in the shopping centre.

The posters themselves could have looked more professional. Unfortunately my photoshop skills are not as good as they used to be so this meant the posters did not look exactly as I had planned. If this campaign was to become reality I would make sure the posters were professionally done as the more people take note of the posters the more likely they are to get involved in the campaign.

All in all I think this campaign would be super successful because of the great cause that it promotes.







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