Parsley Productions 12 – Summary & Evaluation

logo transI think the start of Parsley Productions has been super successful. I am really pleased with how much I have done and the quality of the work that I have completed. Below are the aims that I set out in the first blog post I created for this project:


I think I completed all these aims and more successfully and professionally. I am probably most happy with the new logo, this is because I the last logo was really boring and the new once that was created during this project is still super simple but is really eye catching and modern and attracts attention on everything that I put it on.

I am also really pleased with my website. I can’t wait to pay for the domain name and send the website to potential clients and employers. Although the website probably isn’t perfect I think it is really good and does everything I needed from a company website while still being stylish, modern and easy to use. The portfolio page of the website is by far the best and most functional page on the website and I am really pleased with how this turned out. It displays my audio work in a visually pleasing way while still being functional and easy to use.

Another thing I am really pleased with is my business plan. It took me a long time to create but came out really well. I like how detailed it is and makes me feel a lot better about the future of Parsley Productions. Its proven really useful to have my plans for the company all written down so this part of the project, although time consuming, was worth it.

All my branded item mock ups also turned out great, especially my business cards which I cannot wait to get printed and hand them out to potential clients. If I were to make more items I would probably branch out and create branded pens which would be great for employees and are also a great thing to hand out while meeting people and networking. These might have even been more functional than business cards.

Something that I didn’t create was letter headers. This was because after doing research I found that many modern companies don’t use letters and instead just place the company logo at the sign off of their emails. This seemed like a much better idea as my company would mainly talk to clients and work online.

All in all I am really pleased with the progress I have made on Parsley Productions and can’t wait to expand on it more and officially set up the website by buying the domain name and starting to network and gain clients.

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