Getting started.. #VFL18

So today I was properly introduced to my new project ‘View from Leicester’. I’m excited to start this project after hearing about previous years projects and what we are expected to do.

Today I was also introduced to the ‘British Council Film Collection‘ Which holds hundreds of old films made during the war. I watched a few of them today and found them actually very interesting to watch. I love old time classic British films, just the way they are created and how they come across to an audience is utterly unique. After watching a few I got ideas and took some interesting screenshots of certain shots until I had one that I thought I could link with our new project.

I then headed over to photoshop and using the colours already in the screenshot I added some text and the hashtag that we are using to link to the project. (#VFL18)

Face vfl

I like the way the screenshot makes it look as if the woman is looking at the text on the screen. I also like the way the modern writing contrasts with the vintage feel of the screen grab. This gave me an idea for my next piece. Watch this space..

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