Say it like the Peanut Butter

This assignment was to pick our favourite or least favourite and create a gif. Deciding which film to pick proved hard work and I spent way too long deciding that rather than making the GIF. This is because there are so many films that I love and equally so many that I don’t love. First I was going to pick a new film or one I’d recently seen but I decided to pick one that first got me interested in films and that was Harry Potter.


I decided to create a GIF of Harry receiving his Hogwarts letters as thats what I wanted to happen to me for a long time after watching the films. This scene also makes me feel very nostalgic for a number of reasons so I feel I finally made the right choice in what to turn into a GIF.

I made this GIF using pictures which made it quite clunky but I quite like it this way. Next time I create one however I will use video and try to make it look a lot smoother and spend much more time and effort creating it and making it just the way I want to.

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