A NOTEable story

When asked to make a gif using post- it notes I had many ideas. The first was an alien shooting a gun but that did’t go as I had intended and was much harder to draw the same several times in a row than I first thought. As someone who is known for being an awful drawer I don’t know what I expected the final outcome to be but even when I thought I had a decent final gif when I actually made it it was sub par and really not what I had envisioned. One thing I learnt to draw as a kid was a dog. My mum taught me how to draw two things as a kid and so I decided to use these in my gifs.


I used post its for my first gif as this was what was written in the assignment, I had to not use the first few I drew as they were even worse than the ones I did use (Above).

After I created the above GIF I realised that it wasn’t good enough and really not what I had in mind when starting this assignment. So I thought about why I had created and the inspirations behind it. So I chose to do the one other thing my mum had taught me to draw which is Giraffes. This time Instead of post-its I used my memo board so the too GIFs would look a bit different but ran with the idea of the drawing winking. This one turned out a lot better than the original.

output_uGedZ3Overall I think this assignment has made me realise that I’m in no way an artist. Although I would consider these my best drawings they’re by no means Picasso standard.  I tried my best and thats the main thing, I do like the different textures I used to draw on and am happy that I actually managed to create the overall GIFs. If I was to attempt this assignment again I would think up a better way to make the drawing move such as the alien shooting a gun or laser but to attempt this I would have to either animate the GIF and draw it online. (Or just get better at drawing)

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