Holiday Hunger Project

Record numbers of youngsters fed at city’s summer holiday clubs

This headline really caught my attention as feeding young people in UK has never really seemed like a big issue to me and I’m sure many others feel the same. When I read about this sustainability goal I assumed it was aimed at countries less fortunate than ours so reading about just how many young people go to bed hungry in our country I was really shocked.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 5.46.19 pm

I was aware at how important free school meals are to families who struggle to give their children mid day meals during the school months but I never thought about what these families do over the summer period. The Holiday Hunger project managed to give out over 30,000 free lunches over the summer which must have been so helpful for families who were struggling with feeding their children during the summer. This was apparently double what was given out last summer in and around Leicester.

After looking into the UKs holiday hunger projects I learnt that Frank Field, an MP, put forward a bill in parliament which aims to secure food and activities in the school holidays for children across the country! The bill wasn’t passed unfortunately but there are still hundreds of people pushing the government to make this change and help impact on children’s health across the country. Apparently the bill will be reviewed again in April 2019 and hopefully this time it will be successful!

There are many projects just like the ones here in Leicester going on all over the country to support children who need it so even if the bill doesn’t get passed there are still many people doing their bit end holiday hunger! End-Hunger-social-media-banner-1




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