Parsley Productions 4 – Publishing my site

The next step for Parsley Productions was finally publishing the website. This was very important so that clients could see the kind of work and the quality of work that comes from Parsley Productions. Before publishing the site it was important to also ensure the mobile site was fully functioning and easy to use.

The mobile site follows the same structure as the main website and was important to work just as well as the website as many companies may be looking at my website on the go. Having a working mobile site also allows more people to access it and if Parsley Productions is sending the website out to potential clients they may receive it from a mobile device.

The website went live a few days ago and the day after a guest for an upcoming podcast emailed me to ask for some previous work. I sent him the website link (told him it was new) and he replied saying how impressed he was with the quality of the website as well as the quality of the content produced by Parsley Productions.

The next step after publishing my website would be buying a domain name. As I am still at university this will be done as soon as I graduate. Once I have my domain name I can start sending it out to potential employers, client or anyone else interested in my work.

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