Parsley Productions 5 – Business cards

One that I thought was an important thing to have when starting a company was business cards. I wanted to design some business cards for several different reasons. The main one being that it would make it easier for people interested in the company to contact me if they had all my information at hand.

When creating the business cards I had to ensure they were eye catching and stood out from other business cards that people might have been given. They also had to shop potential clients what the company did and how professional we were in a very small space. All this as well as having the appropriate information on the cards as well.

For some inspiration I looked online for some other business cards from similar companies to mine.

I liked both of these designs because of their simple design. They both carry the design on both sides of the card and on one side have nothing but the logo which I think makes it look very professional and easy to pick out if they were amongst other cards that were similar.

When starting to design mine on photo shop I first put my logo in the centre of the card and was going to make that the card as it would follow the simplistic design that I wanted. However, I thought this maybe looked too boring and basic. So I decided to carry on with the circles around the logo and make a larger one on top of a red background, again to match the logo.

Buisness cards

I really love this design and is what I will be using for my business cards! Its eye catching and clear without being boring and really shows off the logo which I think is an important part of the design.
Next was to create the second side of my business cards. This was harder as I had to make sure all the important information was on the cards while still making it look appealing to potential clients. This took the most time as nothing seemed to look as good as the front. I tried to copy the same design as the front but this just didn’t seem to work for me or the information that was needed on the card. Instead I changed the circles around to make it look similar but not the same and then added the information and this seemed to work much better.


I used the same font used in the logo on the rest of the card to add synergy and make it seem like more of a brand. The circles and colours also stayed the same for the same reason. Although I was happy with this design I still wanted to look at playing around with the back of the business card as there was something about it I just didn’t like. I ended up rearranging everything in photoshop, changing colours and adding some social media logos too.


I think this design is much better for many reasons.  The most important features have stayed black and have all been places at the bottom to draw attention to them. The contact information has been changed to white which blends in more with the card but still ensures it is easily seen by the audience. This design also works really well with the current front design of the card. I think placing the logos for all the social media sites that Parsley Productions uses is a great way of showing potential clients how easy it is for them to contact the company and check out the companies work.

I think these look really great and would work really well. Being printed in matte would also make the red look much better and wouldn’t risk the colours starting to look tacky.


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